Amazonia Award

🌎 Fabulous ESG initiative to Save the Planet, developed by the same family that created the Nobel Prize 🏆 , in partnership with the same talented people who helped launch careers of superstars like 🎶 Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson…

Art, Music, and Entrepreneurship, all together to protect the environment and promote social responsibility like never before…

The very first edition of the “United Earth Amazonia Award” will take place in Manaus (in the heart of Amazonia) on Feb 28th, 2023.

And I am very happy 😃 and proud to share with you, that I will be The Official Host 🎤 of this global event.

Please join me, Marcus Nobel (from the Nobel family), and the dedicated team of LCTM BRANDBUILDERS in supporting this amazing project by spreading the good news!

Like 👍🏻 , Comment ✍️, Share 🗣️, Repost ✅, and contribute to give this initiative the significance our Planet deserves.

Let’s Change the World together…

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How to Finally Build High Performance Teams & Increase Profits Consistently without having to chase customers or sacrifice your personal life for the company!

Having a profitable operation is a challenge for many business owners and leaders. 

Increase profits consistently is even more challenging, especially when you struggle with management strategies and theories that simply don’t work for you.

When building high-performance teams and increasing profit margins looks like impossible to achieve… and you feel overwhelmed with so many things to do, YOU MUST FIND A BETTER WAY…

I once found myself in deep trouble, trying to save a business that was losing money month after month. I thought I was doing my best but didn’t have a clue about how to apply those “beautiful” management theories. I was working overtime every single day, not eating well, not sleeping well, and, worse, not getting the results I needed. 

After diving deep into many management books and courses – and feeling completely overwhelmed – I made a decision to try to identify the most practical ideas, focusing only on the most useful ones… It was very hard… but it worked.

Within 6 months, we achieved the breakeven point. And, in 2 years, we were positioned within the 3 most profitable operations in the planet in our industry. We had 87% market share and super satisfied customers. And I was working much less and enjoying life much more because I had a high performance team getting things done with Excellence. That success story launched my new career…

Many Business Owners and Executives started asking me to help them with their businesses… 

Working as a Business Management Consultant & Executive Coach, I have helped hundreds of organizations (small, medium, and large) to doubletriple, and even 10X their Sales while improving Customer Loyalty & Profitability, using the very same management strategies and leadership practices.

NOWthose strategies and practices that I have privately shared with my clients to guarantee their success are AVAILABLE TO YOU in a Practical Guide to increase profits consistently while improving everybody’s experience!


It is a straightforward approach to strategic management and the most effective leadership practices on Goal Setting, Communication, Feedback, Empowerment, Team Building, Attracting and Keeping the Best Talent, and much more!

This book is the REAL DEAL, and can really help business owners and executives to achieve extraordinary results while improving everybody’s experience (leaders, employees, customers)!

It is truly FABULOUS MANAGEMENT SIMPLIFIED, to get things done, increase your profits, and make your life easier, finally!

Practical Knowledge to Use Everyday

Enough of those mega complicated strategies and business models that nobody can implement in real life. 

In this book, only the best and most useful practices so that you can make a difference everyday, starting immediately! And again, everything SIMPLIFIED to help you get results faster.

Here’s What Will Happen…

You’ll have access to easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement strategies and tools to get results quickly!

You will feel stimulated and motivated to transform your organization into a Benchmark of Excellence!

You will activate your mind and involve your entire team, creating ideas to improve processes and delight your customers!

You have 2 options:

Normal price + SUPER BONUS (FREE masterclass + FREE VIP coaching call)


Promotional Price (just the e-book)

Nice reading… Nice profits!


Much more than consulting and training…

When I decided to become a professional speaker and business consultant back in 1996, I did it because I thought I could change the world!

After 200 organizations served, 165,000 people trained, and millions of views in the Internet, I continue determined to make a difference in our society by helping people understand their worth, and what they’re capable of achieving.

Although I have tried my very best, every single day, for all these years, I have learned that nothing would be possible without partnering with my clients and with the best associates that I could find in the consulting and professional speaking profession.

I am very happy to announce a very strong partnership we have formed with the global leader in customer service excellence, giving us extra power to help individuals and organizations to achieve higher standards of professionalism and business management.

And we have come up with the formula to make the best resources available to everybody for a very reasonable investment amount.

Please visit the exclusive page we have created to show you everything we have available for those who want to achieve excellence in what they do, and for those who really care for their customers and for their employees.

Click here and see for yourself.

The 1…2 rule to “make” people listen to you!

Most people are not ready to listen. We have to prepare their brain first… That’s when the 1…2 rule comes to place…

Before sharing your ideas, (1) you ask a “permission” question, like:
“- Would you like a suggestion?”
or “- Would you like new ideas?”

After they say “yes”
then you’re ready (2) to share your thoughts with them, because now their brain is ready to listen to you.

Try it and get better results! It works.


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8 challenging questions

8 Challenging Questions Reveal Secrets Every Leader Should Know Before Trying to Solve Pressing Problems in Challenging Times…

After my Keynote Presentation about EVOLUTIONAL LEADERSHIP for the IERG (International Executives Resources Group), we received super positive feedbacks from the participants. BUT WE ALSO received 8 very important questions sent by the executives in the audience. And the answers to those questions YOU MUST see now…


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Training: vacation or strategy.And the magic number.

Imagine surgeons, or electricians, or engineers, or even carpenters, being very relaxed and feeling good about themselves, but with no tools to perform their job correctly and effectively…

Without proper tools, they will not perform very well. They will spend more time and more money than they were supposed to. And they may even cause more problems.

The same rationale goes for our entire workforce, specially those who are dealing with customers.

How do you expect people to do something well if you never give them proper training to learn how to do it at all?

You may be providing training to your employees. But if you see your training initiatives as annual vacations, probably you are getting very little results in productivity and motivation from your employees.

Unfortunately this is the reality in many organizations across the globe.

Employees receive training once a year and their bosses expect them to perform in a high-level throughout the year. It is like taking a shower just once and expect to smell good forever.

I’m not talking about technical training or operational training (how to use a machine or how to perform a task). This is the kind of training that maybe you need only once and then you can go on performing your tasks with no problems…

I’m talking about soft skills training, behavioral training, training on how to deal with human beings, how to interact with customers and coworkers effectively, how to negotiate, how to sell, how to serve, how to lead…

This is the kind of training that will not produce results with the “once a year” approach, because it’s about creating new habits. It’s about changing behavior. It’s about developing a constructive attitude and a growth mindset. And you can’t do that overnight, or over a weekend, for that matter.

After 30 years leading teams and working as a management consultant – serving more than 200 organizations directly, and studying so many more – I found out that the magic number is 4.

People need a new behavioral training every 4 months for a period of 4 years, to be able to master new extraordinary behaviors and produce extraordinary results for the organization. And if you do that with at least 80% of your workforce, you will be able to create an extraordinary Culture of Excellence in any organization!

And this needs to be done in a well structured way, with every new training being aligned with the previous one. In other words, TRAINING must be a STRATEGY and not a series of random events.

A good strategy must have a major objective to be achieved.

And what seems to be a major objective in today’s competitive world?

Most experts say that a company must be offering the best possible experience to their customers if they are to survive and thrive and this ever-changing economy.

Therefore, your training strategy must be aligned with that major objective!

To do that, your company needs a Customer-Centric Excellence Plan, which is precisely a well structured TRAINING STRATEGY to develop the necessary behavioral skillset your organization needs to offer the best possible experience to your customers consistently, earning their loyalty and protecting your company from the competition.

Do you know how a great Customer-Centric Excellence Plan looks like?




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