Knowledge has no value, unless…

Knowledge means nothing, unless you can apply that knowledge into your real life.

You can read thousands of books, participate in hundreds of seminars and training courses, get into mastermind groups, pay for coaching sessions and get all the diplomas you want…

Unless you get into action and apply that knowledge to enhance your techniques and skills, all those hours of study will have been a waste of your time.

Get into action now. Apply what you have learned. Make justice to your investment of time and money.

Some things you have learned will work, some won’t. But you will never know until you try.

Study, study, study, study, and you will end up very well instructed but poor. Study and practice, study and practice, study and practice, and you will be wise and wealthy.

Apply your knowledge and transform your life into an adventure of excellence!

Published by Fabio Marques

Helping executives and business owners to develop Magna Influence Powers so that they become confident negotiators and true leaders, commanding better outcomes while improving relationships and quality of life. Learn more at

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