Powerful Insights for Business in Fort Lauderdale

Reserve your seat for this networking and educational event about Business Development. It’s already next week! I’m going to share with you Powerful Insights for Business and you will get to meet very important people! It’s a Business Professionals Breakfast hosted by the amazing Tower Club Fort Lauderdale. Details, Dress Code and Tickets at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/business-professionals-breakfast-tickets-88498472313Continue reading “Powerful Insights for Business in Fort Lauderdale”

Sales and Service Workshops for your Team

Sales and service training workshops can double or even triple your revenues!
If you have trained your team on Sales and Service Techniques and you did not increase your revenues by at least 20%, you have done something wrong, or you have hired the wrong people to train your team.
Expertise and experience are fundamental.

O Cliente Nunca Está Certo!

É isso mesmo, o cliente nunca está certo. Quer fazer um teste?   Pois, responda: quem conhece melhor os seus produtos ou serviços? Quem conhece melhor os processos internos da sua empresa? Quem conhece melhor a estrutura de custos da sua empresa, para saber o que dá ou não dá para fazer de desconto? VocêContinue reading “O Cliente Nunca Está Certo!”