The South Florida Speakers’ Bureau

Great News At the beginning of this year, I was invited to be part of something spectacular: THE SOUTH FLORIDA SPEAKERS‚Äô BUREAU A very special group of First Class Professional Speakers, real experts, that have proven effective strategies and techniques in a variety of disciplines in personal and organizational development. Great Resources AI, AR, Innovation,Continue reading “The South Florida Speakers’ Bureau”

Amazonia Award

ūüĆé Fabulous ESG initiative to Save the Planet, developed by the same family that created the Nobel Prize ūüŹÜ , in partnership with the same talented people who helped launch careers of superstars like ūüé∂ Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson‚Ķ Art, Music, and Entrepreneurship, all together to protect the environment and promote social responsibility likeContinue reading “Amazonia Award”

The 1‚Ķ2 rule to ‚Äúmake‚ÄĚ people listen to you!

Most people are not ready to listen. We have to prepare their brain first‚Ķ That‚Äôs when the 1‚Ķ2 rule comes to place‚Ķ Before sharing your ideas, (1) you ask a ‚Äúpermission‚ÄĚ question, like:‚Äú- Would you like a suggestion?‚ÄĚor ‚Äú- Would you like new ideas?‚ÄĚ After they say ‚Äúyes‚ÄĚthen you‚Äôre ready (2) to share your thoughtsContinue reading “The 1‚Ķ2 rule to ‚Äúmake‚ÄĚ people listen to you!”

8 challenging questions

8 Challenging Questions Reveal Secrets Every Leader Should Know Before Trying to Solve Pressing Problems in Challenging Times‚Ķ After my Keynote Presentation about EVOLUTIONAL LEADERSHIP for the IERG (International Executives Resources Group), we received super positive feedbacks from the participants. BUT WE ALSO received 8 very important questions sent by the executives in the audience.Continue reading “8 challenging questions”

How to Finally Build High Performance Teams & Increase Profits Consistently¬†without¬†having to chase customers or sacrifice your personal life for the company!

Having a profitable operation is a challenge for many business owners and leaders.

Increase profits consistently is even more challenging, especially when you struggle with management strategies and theories that simply don’t work for you.

When building high-performance teams and increasing profit margins looks like impossible to achieve… and you feel overwhelmed with so many things to do, YOU MUST FIND A BETTER WAY…