Much more than consulting and training…

When I decided to become a professional speaker and business consultant back in 1996, I did it because I thought I could change the world! After 200 organizations served, 165,000 people trained, and millions of views in the Internet, I continue determined to make a difference in our society by helping people understand their worth,Continue reading “Much more than consulting and training…”

$57 is all it takes

$57 a month per person it’s all it takes for you to implement a winning culture of sales and service excellence in your organization! Schedule your FREE consultation call to know how you can transform your entire team into peak performers in Sales and Customer Service, therefore increasing profits consistently. sales #customerservice #cx #customerexperience


Your chance to become the powerful leader and confident negotiator that are able to command massive results while building better relationships and improving quality of life.

Boas Notícias em Tempos de Pandemia!

Cursos Online para a Comunidade Brasileira e Portuguesa no Mundo Todo!

Estamos disponibilizando diversos cursos online em português para a comunidade brasileira e portuguesa no mundo todo! Os conteúdos de maior sucesso são: FOCO NO CLIENTE ACADEMIA DE TÉCNICAS DE APRESENTAÇÃO COMUNICAÇÃO CONVINCENTE MARKETING PESSOAL ÉTICO GUIA PRÁTICO DA EXCELÊNCIA EM SERVIÇOS Aproveite!