Training: vacation or strategy.And the magic number.

Imagine surgeons, or electricians, or engineers, or even carpenters, being very relaxed and feeling good about themselves, but with no tools to perform their job correctly and effectively…

Without proper tools, they will not perform very well. They will spend more time and more money than they were supposed to. And they may even cause more problems.

The same rationale goes for our entire workforce, specially those who are dealing with customers.

How do you expect people to do something well if you never give them proper training to learn how to do it at all?

You may be providing training to your employees. But if you see your training initiatives as annual vacations, probably you are getting very little results in productivity and motivation from your employees.

Unfortunately this is the reality in many organizations across the globe.

Employees receive training once a year and their bosses expect them to perform in a high-level throughout the year. It is like taking a shower just once and expect to smell good forever.

I’m not talking about technical training or operational training (how to use a machine or how to perform a task). This is the kind of training that maybe you need only once and then you can go on performing your tasks with no problems…

I’m talking about soft skills training, behavioral training, training on how to deal with human beings, how to interact with customers and coworkers effectively, how to negotiate, how to sell, how to serve, how to lead…

This is the kind of training that will not produce results with the “once a year” approach, because it’s about creating new habits. It’s about changing behavior. It’s about developing a constructive attitude and a growth mindset. And you can’t do that overnight, or over a weekend, for that matter.

After 30 years leading teams and working as a management consultant – serving more than 200 organizations directly, and studying so many more – I found out that the magic number is 4.

People need a new behavioral training every 4 months for a period of 4 years, to be able to master new extraordinary behaviors and produce extraordinary results for the organization. And if you do that with at least 80% of your workforce, you will be able to create an extraordinary Culture of Excellence in any organization!

And this needs to be done in a well structured way, with every new training being aligned with the previous one. In other words, TRAINING must be a STRATEGY and not a series of random events.

A good strategy must have a major objective to be achieved.

And what seems to be a major objective in today’s competitive world?

Most experts say that a company must be offering the best possible experience to their customers if they are to survive and thrive and this ever-changing economy.

Therefore, your training strategy must be aligned with that major objective!

To do that, your company needs a Customer-Centric Excellence Plan, which is precisely a well structured TRAINING STRATEGY to develop the necessary behavioral skillset your organization needs to offer the best possible experience to your customers consistently, earning their loyalty and protecting your company from the competition.

Do you know how a great Customer-Centric Excellence Plan looks like?


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Much more than consulting and training…

When I decided to become a professional speaker and business consultant back in 1996, I did it because I thought I could change the world!

After 200 organizations served, 165,000 people trained, and millions of views in the Internet, I continue determined to make a difference in our society by helping people understand their worth, and what they’re capable of achieving.

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Feliz Dia dos Pais

Todos temos um pai. Eles podem estar ou não na nossa presença, mas todos temos um pai. E esse pai pode fazer toda a diferença na maneira como vivemos a vida e como tratamos as pessoas, inclusive nós mesmos.

Se o seu pai foi ou é um exemplo inspirador de ser humano, siga os passos do seu pai, seja inspirado por ele, valorize cada momento com ele, do passado, do presente e do futuro. Aprenda muito com ele.

Se o seu pai não foi bom com você e não serve de exemplo, seja diferente do seu pai, seja um pai melhor, mais justo, mais carinhoso, mais forte e bondoso.

Mas, qualquer que seja, ou tenha sido, o seu pai, alimente um amor profundo por ele, selecionando as melhores memórias e perdoando os piores momentos.

Somente assim você estará livre para crescer e ser o melhor pai que seus filhos podem ter, sendo também inspiração para outros pais, do presente e do futuro!

Feliz Dia dos Pais!


How would you complete this sentence?

  • Leader is someone who can ___________________

If you thought of words like inspire, influence, engage, show de path, give direction, share the vision, motivate, conduct, recognize, nurture, organize, educate… you are on the right direction. And now reflect on the word “coaching” for a moment. What is “coaching”?

There are several definitions, I know. But after 30 years coaching various sorts of individuals (frontline employees, managers, directors, senior executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, professional speakers, martial artists, therapists, and even professional dancers), I took the liberty of creating my very own definition:

“Coaching is the process of challenging and helping others to achieve better results, by their own means, with their own resources, through evolution and growth.”

If we then combine what we know about effective inspiring leaders, the definition of coaching, and the dynamics of the corporate world, we can explore what is the main role of a true Leader Coach inside an organization:

“The main role of a Leader Coach is to Inspire, Engage, Educate, Train and Develop Talents to achieve High Performance as individuals and as a Team.”

Leaders don’t need to be perfect, don’t need to be heroes, don’t need to be the best, don’t even need to be certified as “coach” by any special institute (although they might be). They just need to be Leaders who Coach, with the sincere desire to help people grow, evolve, and succeed in what they do. By exercising the art of effective coaching, leaders will earn respect and admiration, and will have better conditions to guide their teams towards excellence!

Let me give you some tips of how to become a true Leader Coach:

Always preserve the self-esteem of a human being. When giving feedback about bad attitude, bad behavior or bad results, don’t ever critique the person. On the contrary, help people see that they are special and capable of improving. If you attack their self-esteem, you diminish their power to overcome their challenges.

Be careful with your communication. Be aware of the impact that your words, your tone of voice, and your body language have on how people perceive your message.

Practice Active Listening. As corny as it sounds, it is imperative to practice mindfulness when talking to the people you lead, being really focused, listening, observing, showing interest, and giving proof of listening (repeating, asking follow-up questions, praising when appropriate).

Ask intelligent open-ended specific questions. Questions that encourage people to think about the desired results, the steps to get there, the resources they will need, the process they must follow or create, and the lessons they can extract from their achievements and also from their failures, helping them realize that failure is only negative if no lessons are learned.

Apply those tips and see your team achieve the top through your leadership.

*Fabio Marques is the Leadership Coach and Inspirational Expert on Sales & Service Excellence, known for helping his Clients to double, triple, and even 10x their Sales while improving Customer Satisfaction. (

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