Training: vacation or strategy.And the magic number.

Imagine surgeons, or electricians, or engineers, or even carpenters, being very relaxed and feeling good about themselves, but with no tools to perform their job correctly and effectively… Without proper tools, they will not perform very well. They will spend more time and more money than they were supposed to. And they may even causeContinue reading “Training: vacation or strategy.And the magic number.”

Much more than consulting and training…

When I decided to become a professional speaker and business consultant back in 1996, I did it because I thought I could change the world! After 200 organizations served, 165,000 people trained, and millions of views in the Internet, I continue determined to make a difference in our society by helping people understand their worth,Continue reading “Much more than consulting and training…”

Sales and Service Workshops for your Team

Sales and service training workshops can double or even triple your revenues!
If you have trained your team on Sales and Service Techniques and you did not increase your revenues by at least 20%, you have done something wrong, or you have hired the wrong people to train your team.
Expertise and experience are fundamental.

O Cliente Nunca Está Certo!

É isso mesmo, o cliente nunca está certo. Quer fazer um teste?   Pois, responda: quem conhece melhor os seus produtos ou serviços? Quem conhece melhor os processos internos da sua empresa? Quem conhece melhor a estrutura de custos da sua empresa, para saber o que dá ou não dá para fazer de desconto? VocêContinue reading “O Cliente Nunca Está Certo!”

Vendas com Foco no Cliente – em Fortaleza

Se mais pessoas investissem em desenvolver habilidades de VENDAS COM FOCO NO CLIENTE, o processo de vendas seria uma verdadeira prestação de serviços, agregando REAL VALOR aos clientes, aos profissionais e às empresas, com mais crescimento e rentabilidade para todos.