Amazonia Award

🌎 Fabulous ESG initiative to Save the Planet, developed by the same family that created the Nobel Prize 🏆 , in partnership with the same talented people who helped launch careers of superstars like 🎶 Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson…

Art, Music, and Entrepreneurship, all together to protect the environment and promote social responsibility like never before…

The very first edition of the “United Earth Amazonia Award” will take place in Manaus (in the heart of Amazonia) on Feb 28th, 2023.

And I am very happy 😃 and proud to share with you, that I will be The Official Host 🎤 of this global event.

Please join me, Marcus Nobel (from the Nobel family), and the dedicated team of LCTM BRANDBUILDERS in supporting this amazing project by spreading the good news!

Like 👍🏻 , Comment ✍️, Share 🗣️, Repost ✅, and contribute to give this initiative the significance our Planet deserves.

Let’s Change the World together…

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