The 1…2 rule to “make” people listen to you!

Most people are not ready to listen. We have to prepare their brain first… That’s when the 1…2 rule comes to place… Before sharing your ideas, (1) you ask a “permission” question, like:“- Would you like a suggestion?”or “- Would you like new ideas?” After they say “yes”then you’re ready (2) to share your thoughtsContinue reading “The 1…2 rule to “make” people listen to you!”

How to Finally Build High Performance Teams & Increase Profits Consistently without having to chase customers or sacrifice your personal life for the company!

Having a profitable operation is a challenge for many business owners and leaders.

Increase profits consistently is even more challenging, especially when you struggle with management strategies and theories that simply don’t work for you.

When building high-performance teams and increasing profit margins looks like impossible to achieve… and you feel overwhelmed with so many things to do, YOU MUST FIND A BETTER WAY…

Training: vacation or strategy.And the magic number.

Imagine surgeons, or electricians, or engineers, or even carpenters, being very relaxed and feeling good about themselves, but with no tools to perform their job correctly and effectively… Without proper tools, they will not perform very well. They will spend more time and more money than they were supposed to. And they may even causeContinue reading “Training: vacation or strategy.And the magic number.”

O Cliente Nunca Está Certo!

É isso mesmo, o cliente nunca está certo. Quer fazer um teste?   Pois, responda: quem conhece melhor os seus produtos ou serviços? Quem conhece melhor os processos internos da sua empresa? Quem conhece melhor a estrutura de custos da sua empresa, para saber o que dá ou não dá para fazer de desconto? VocêContinue reading “O Cliente Nunca Está Certo!”